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Drupal Module – Workflow Post Install

We recently took over maintenance of the Drupal Workflow Post Install module.  This module is an add-on for the excellent Workflow module.  Our work included extending the module to encompass database cleanup as well as the original purpose of setting Workflow states on existing content, introducing a Drush interface, and fixing a quite a few bugs.  It has also been updated for Drupal 7 compatibility, which was long overdue.

Future work will include an user interface as well as allowing greater flexibility in the selection of nodes to update.


I checked into a hotel late one night on a business trip, and what did I see?  No alarm clock!  And silly me, I didn’t travel with one then.  So, I grabbed my laptop and hammered out this quick and dirty alarm clock that uses iTunes to wake you. Includes snooze button.

Distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License (GPL) Version 2.

Sleepyhead v1.0