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Jennifer Hanna

This world-savvy Art Director needed a completely custom portfolio site, with easily changeable imagery and category management.  We provided a custom-coded site based on folder structure, as well as a set of custom InDesign scripts and templates to handle JPG file creation to fit the design scheme.  This allows them to create limitless design on the tools most comfortable to them, and have a one-click export to the proper format for display online.

Work: Site design collaboration, PHP  coding, HTML/CSS/JS coding.

Piper Graphic

A local artist needed a simple and quick online portfolio of their work.  They provided the design, we provided a clean custom-code site that allows them to manage their images in a single FTP folder and have the site update automatically.  Load speed and visual effects were key to satisfying this client.

Work: PHP coding, HTML/CSS/JS coding

Mayflower Natural Foods

Another small business that sorely needed a web presence.  This food service company had been pestered for years by their distribution clients to get a product list and company profile online.  We were able to get a quick WordPress site up and running, and provided an initial pass at creating both a product list as well as recipe suggestions on a tight deadline.

Work: Site design, WordPress deployment, custom WordPress theme, initial content creation

Franconia Sports Shop

The local sports shop caters to year-round outdoor activities.  They were maintaining their site as a collection of hand-written HTML.  They needed a new web platform that would allow them to have the ability to list their product for sale (and change it as things sold out), as well as change out their entire site look and feel as the seasons change.  We provided a stable WordPress back end along with a stable of plugins that allow them to work quickly and efficiently.  Their design team can now preview changes on the fly, and the CMS system allows separation of the store product content from the design.

Work: WordPress deployment, custom WordPress theme

Rosa Flamingos

RosaFlamingosRosa’s is a local establishment that was looking for not just a static site, but something that would increase foot traffic and leverage the Facebook community that they had already established.  We also performed a photo shoot to properly capture the look and feel of the space. We delivered a clean styled site, with custom code to read their Facebook events feed and integrate it into the site.

Work: Site design collaboration, WordPress deployment, custom WordPress theme